Angie Nunez

Business Development Representative

Angie Nunez-Plascencia brings over a decade of experience to her role as a Business Development Representative. Hailing from the vibrant city of Los Angeles, Angie has made her mark in the business world, and has navigated intricate landscapes of various industries including her notable tenure in the dynamic world of digital media. Her journey into the realm of mental health is driven by a genuine passion for making mental wellness accessible to all communities, in particular Angie has a passion for normalizing conversations around mental health in first generation American families. Her personal experiences and dedication to breaking down barriers surrounding mental health reflect her commitment to fostering inclusivity and understanding. In her personal life, Angie finds joy in traveling the world with her wife, and cherishes moments spent with her young twins, finding balance and inspiration in the love and connections shared within her family. With her unique blend of professional expertise, personal insights, and unwavering dedication, Angie is a driving force behind our mission to promote mental wellness and advocate for the importance of mental health within diverse communities.